• NATURAL, HERBAL, CHEMICAL & DEET FREE - Geelee Mitti Mosquito Spray uses a special alcohol free formula, and you can smell the natural essence of this herbal mosquito repellent massage oil. This Mosquito Massage Oil is Chemical Free and safe to use by children over the age of 5.
  • USE AS MOSQUITO BODY MASSAGE OIL - Most companies will offer a room spray or a patch. We have created this super safe formula that you can use directly on your body and mosquitoes will not come near you or your kids. Be sure to always test on your skin first before heavy usage. It is a natural mosquito repellent - made from Citronella & Peppermint Essential Oils, Mixed in Almond & Olive Oil. It contains no alcohol, no DEET and no harmful chemicals
  • EASY TO USE - Apply on exposed skin and rub all over. Each application will give 4-5 hours of protection from mosquitoes and bugs. This is a mosquito repellent for body & safe to use for children.
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS WHO PLAY OUTSIDE - Just apply on their exposed skin and let them have a good time. They will not get bitten. Do not spray on face. Ears are fine. It is pocket size so can be carried outside wherever you go
  • REFUND IF YOU GET BITTEN - If a mosquito bites you within 3 hours of applying this product we will give you a refund instantly, no questions asked.

Anti Mosquito Massage Oil Chemical Free DEET Free

  • GEELEE MITTI Safe Herbal Mosquito Repellent Body Massage Oil Made From Citronella & Peppermint Natural Repellent for Kids