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Our Vision

To make the world more intrinsically beautiful & to become your preferred skin care brand that you can trust & have faith in to deliver premium quality plant based skin , hair & wellness products which nourish body,mind & spirit & are beneficial for you as well as for the planet.


Our Mission

We are committed to sourcing the finest quality natural ingredients so that we can bring you premium skin, hair & wellness products that nourish body, mind & spirit & are beneficial for both you as well as the planet.

No False Promises

At Geeleemitti we don’t make random promises we cannot keep. We do not suggest that you will miraculously transform yourself after using our products. We do believe, however, that your skin will instantly feel better, suppler, softer, and fresher after using our natural range.


At Geeleemitti we want to teach people to develop healthy routines and encourage a natural, safe approach to beauty. Please use our skin care products for at least a month as the skin renews itself on a 28 day cycle, sloughing off dead skin cells and replacing with new. You will begin to understand the difference.

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