• ADD TO FACE WASH & FACE OIL : Vitamin E is a great moisturizer and facial cleanser, and will add a powerful boost to your face wash & face oil. Other people will wonder how the same face wash gives you more than it gives them. It will give you a glowing face.
  • ADD TO SHAMPOO - Fantastic for your hair, adding Vitamin E Oil works better than adding capsules. Your hair will shine brighter and people will wonder what your secret is.
  • ADD TO CREAMS - Vitamin E oil being excellent for your face will make sure your face becomes beautifully soft and radiant. All you have to do is add a few drops of this oil into a face wash.
  • ADD TO HAIR & BODY OILS - a few drops to your regular hair oil and watch how your hair begins to shine and bounce like it never did before.
  • GREAT FOR STRETCH MARKS - Add to your body lotion or body oil and see how much of an effect Vitamin E oil has on stretch mark removal. Use min 2x week for 16 weeks for best results

Vitamin E Oil For Adding to your Hair & Face Products

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