• NO POSION - This Lizard Spray is made from an authentic blend of Essential Oils Mixed With Ether and can be sprayed in the house without any hesitation.
  • REPELS, NOT KILLS - This Lizard Repellent is a shield against lizards, it does not harm them. It is a Herbal Lizard Repellent, it is best for those who care about animals and don't want to kill them, only keep them away. It is for the ethically minded person. This product is popular amongst vegan circles
  • SAFE, NON TOXIC - This is completely comfortable to use in the kitchen and in the dining area. Simply spray where you usually see Lizards, spray every night and Lizards will start to run away and not visit that area. Give it 3 days for comprehensive Lizard removal.
  • SPRAY BEHIND PAINTINGS AND IN DUSTBIN - If sprayed every night in these areas, you will find that Lizards and other pests have stopped coming there.
  • REPELS OTHER PESTS - This spray works well against other pests such as Cockroaches, Mice and Bugs in general.

Safe Natural Lizard Repellent Spray Non Toxic Cruelty Free Herbal For Home 50ml

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