• NO POSION - This Mouse Chooha Spray is made from an authentic blend of Essential Oils Mixed With Ether and can be sprayed in the house without any hesitation
  • FOR CAR, BUS, TRUCK, BIKE ONLY - Spray generously on engine, or for bus underneath the seats and luggage compartment. Spray in Engines without any hesitations to protect your car from rat & mice. If sprayed regularly, you will find that even Lizards and other pests have stopped coming there.
  • SAFE FOR HUMANS, NON TOXIC - This is completely comfortable to use around Humans and people will not have to leave the area when you are spraying. Simply spray where you usually see Mice & Rats, spray every night and you will stop seeing mice because they will not visit that area anymore. Even when you stop seeing mice, continue to spray for a few more days
  • GOOD ORGANIC SMELL - The smell is mainly a natural herby Peppermint kind of smell which is pleasant for all people, but mice & rats hate it. Especially good for bus after meals it can be sprayed as humans will not mind the smell at all.
  • REPELS OTHER PESTS - This spray gives good protection against other pests such as Cockroaches, Mice and Bugs in general. You will see all pests disappear after regular use of this spray medicine.

GEELEEMITTI Safe Natural Mouse Repellent Spray 50ml

  • GEELEEMITTI Safe Natural Mouse Repellent Spray Karma Free For Car & Truck Non Toxic Cruelty Free Safe For Humans & Pets Herbal Chemical Free 50ml