• RELAX YOUR MUSCLES - Welcome MUSCLE RELAX into your life. As you get fit or play sport, you will inevitably encounter some injuries and muscle soreness. Muscle Relax is the perfect blend of organic natural oils to tackle such everyday muscle issues. Use after a workout, jog, or just a tough day at the office. 
  • 100% NATURAL PREMIUM EXOTIC OILS - Made from Castor & Sesame Oil, powered with Wintergreen, Pine,Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oils, this soaks into your skin and gives you the healing you need to be at your best.
  • GYM, EXERCISE, SPORTS, STRAIN, JOINT PAIN - Use post gymming or playing sports for best results. It provides almost immediate pain relief. You will feel your skin slightly tingle. You can even apply overnight for best results.
  • LEG PAIN, KNEE PAIN, SHOULDER PAIN, EVERYTHING - This Oil Works Much Better than Muscle Relaxing Gel. This tackles every pain of the human body. All except the heart.
  • BEST MASSAGE OIL - This functions as the best massage oil possible. It provides nutrition to your skin as well as eliminates all kinds of pains and strains.
  • MADE IN INDIA - Completely and 100% handmade by us in our studio in Kolkata, WB.

Geeleemitti Muscle Relax Sore Muscles Calmer & Relaxant for Gym, Sports, Massage

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