• SPOTTED A MOUSE OR RAT in your house, office, or worse, restaurant? Don't worry, Mouse Away is here to help. Loaded with pure peppermint and citronella essential oils, this product makes mice and rats run away from the smell. Mice and rats hate the smell of Mouse Away, and they will run away upon smelling it. This is a safe, organic, ethical and non-poisonous way to get rid of the rats and mice.
  • ETHICAL TREATMENT - Most effective to ensure that mice from outside do not enter your house. For removing mice from your house which are already there, you may need to use Mouse Away Oil consistently for about 7 days for effective results. Add to an electric diffuser and leave it on.This is an effective rat repellent for home.
  • DO NOT USE THE LIQUID DIRECTLY - Best way to use would be to add drops to cotton balls and place them around where you have seen the mouse. Best way is to add Mouse Away to a DIFFUSER. Be sure to place them inside the house and not towards the exit so they can run away. You can even use this as a rat repellent for car, add few drops to cotton balls and leave them in the vehicle - mice and rats will not enter. It is completely cruelty free.
  • This might take some time, repeat after 5-6 days with putting Mouse Away Oil on cotton balls and placing them around the house, especially under the beds, sofas etc. You can also use it as a rat repellent for car and add some drops to cotton balls and leave them in the vehicle - mice and rats will not enter. Mice already living may be more challenging to remove, keep diffusing and adding Mouse Away Oil in the room on cotton wool, they will be unable to take the smell and will have to leave.
  • New mice from outside WILL NOT ENTER THE HOUSE. You can add Mouse Away to cotton wool, or diffuse it in the room with the mice, and lead the path to a rat trap Add a few drops of Mouse Away to an empty spray bottle, along with water, and spray around the house such as dustbins, under sofas, around the edges of doors. It is Non Toxic

Cruelty Free Mouse Repellent Non Poisonous Safe for Home Use Around Pets

  • In case you aren't connecting with the product, do not worry. We offer you a within 14 day, no questions asked, full refund on your your order. Simply send us a photo of the product and we will send you the return shipping details. As soon as the product reaches us, you get your 100% no questions asked refund. Refund usually takes between 5-7 days, and sometimes faster.