• EASILY REMOVE THE STINK FROM YOUR DOG - This is a Mild Lavender Scented Perfume for Dogs and is absolutely perfect for removing all stinky smells & giving your dog a lovely natural fragrance. This is a deodorant for dogs as it removes all the bad odour from your dogs fur. Though you can spray anywhere, keep away from the eyes, ears & genitals.
  • MOST COMPANIES SAY THEY ARE NATURAL BUT AREN'T - Flip the label and read it. If there is anything you haven't heard of before or can't pronounce : It's a Chemical. Do you want to use a chemical product on your dogs fur? Geelee Mitti Dog Perfume is 100% Natural and Hand Made by us, it only has Aloe Vera, Rose Water & Natural Lavender Oil. Thats it.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE - 1. Spray on your dog. 2. Rub the liquid all over your dog's fur. 3. Comb your dog or just let them run around. Makes your dogs coat super soft and smooth. Repeat daily if necessary!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR DOG LOVERS - What a cool gift to give your friend who has a dog! A Dog gift! You will be their favourite person! This makes a great dog birthday gift as well.
  • MAKES DOG'S FUR SUPER SMOOTH - After using this grooming spray for dogs, you will find that your dog has a very smooth and shiny coat. People have also reported that it stops dog's hairfall.
  • IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT - No problem. Let us know, we will give you a 200% refund, no questions asked. Not only will we give you back your money but will also let you keep the product. Our product is Completely Natural and 100% Made in India
  • PLEASE NOTE - Chemical dog perfumes will last longer, but they harm the dogs nose & olfactory senses. A natural perfume will have to be mild but it not be able to last as long. Do not expect that this spray will last for days at a stretch because that is not possible with the natural ingredients we have used. If you are looking for a chemical perfume that lasts long, please look for an alternative.

Dog Perfume Deodorant & Grooming Spray For Coat Softening

  • In case you aren't connecting with the product, do not worry. We offer you a within 14 day, no questions asked, full refund on your your order. Simply send us a photo of the product and we will send you the return shipping details. As soon as the product reaches us, you get your 100% no questions asked refund. Refund usually takes 7 working days to process and usually happens faster.